NO COUNTRY CAN FACE migration challenges alone, Avramopoulos says

Στο διαβάσαμε:

Speaking on the occasion of the International Migrants Day, Avramopoulos stressed the need for cooperation. “No country can confront migration challenges alone – neither in Europe, nor anywhere else in the world,” he told ANA.

He then went on to discuss the EU’s commitment to preventing migrants from undertaking dangerous journeys.

“To achieve that, we are cooperating with all our partners in the world, i.e. with countries of origin, transit and destination but also with international organisations. Migration calls for international alliances,” Avramopoulos said.

Besides, he continued, this is also the main message of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which will provide an international framework for dealing with migration efficiently. In that way, he explained, “we can turn migration from a common challenge to a common opportunity.”

Finally, Avramopoulos stated that the same principles inspire EU’s approach on migration, which is centered on addressing the causes of irregular migration, putting an end to human trafficking, protecting all those in need and better managing the outside borders of Europe.

Source: AMNA



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