EU Foreign Affairs Council: Extensive support for Greece

EU spokesman: “Turkey-Libya Memorandum of Cooperation raises serious concern”

The Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has urged the EU Foreign Affairs Council to condemn Turkey and Libya’s agreements and establish a framework for sanctions if Ankara and the Tripoli government fail to comply.

Mr Dendias stated, following the conclusion of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels, that our country had received widespread support and noted that final decisions would be taken at the European Council.

EU spokesman: “Turkey-Libya Memorandum of Cooperation raises serious concern”

The European Commission Vice President and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, stated that the Turkey-Libya Memorandum of Understanding causes “serious concern” and expressed the EU’s “solidarity” and “support” for Greece and Cyprus.

The new High Representative pointed out that the deal was made known in Brussels “too late” and that the European authorities were currently “examining” it. “In today’s discussion at the political level it became clear that the agreement is problematic for some countries, particularly for Greece and Cyprus in terms of territorial waters”, he said, adding that it “could cause trouble in the Greek islands”.

Finally, Mr Borrell reiterated the Commission’s position that “any agreement should respect international law”.


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